What do I have to do to enter the challenge?

Just register on the Industrial Internet Quest website form before April 17th, 2017. Make sure to fill in all the information required in order to be selected for the 1-month acceleration phase.

Do I have to be a member of IEEE to take part in the challenge?

It's not mandatory, but at least one member of your team needs to be a member or IEEE. If you are interested in joining IEEE, here are the info: https://www.ieee.org/membership-catalog/productdetail/showProductDetailPage.html?product=MEMIEEE500

Can I send additional information?

Yes, you will have to fill out a project page to explain your project and invite your teammates . You can also share additional details if you wish.

Do I need to do anything else once I have submitted my idea?

No, you can relax and have a look at the Predix video . You can also prepare all the questions you might have about the 1-month acceleration phase and/or Predix. Most importantly, think about your app and how you are going to develop it.

If I have a team, and we would like to register as a team, do all the members have to register? 

Decide on a team leader, then this person can register/submit the app on behalf of the team and will be the main point of contact during the entire challenge. Remember that the challenge is free and open to both individuals and teams. If you register as an individuals, you will be able to find teammates on the platform.

When will I know if my app/project is selected?

The shortlisted entrants will be notified via email on April 17th, 2017, and invited to join the online contest platform.

How many apps/projects will be selected to join the acceleration phase? 

The GE Digital project team will select up to 40 projects that will be invited to participate on a platform which will help accelerate the apps and solutions.

Who will be my main point of contact?

Adélaïde from BeMyApp will be your main point of contact at adelaide@bemyapp.com. You will also be able to exchange with mentors and other participants on the online platform dedicated to the acceleration phase.

What is the 1-month acceleration phase?

The shortlisted participants will be invited to join an online platform. Here, they will be coached and receive support on Predix to further develop and publish their app.

How many hours will I need to accelerate my app?

It depends on the advancements of your app. If you are starting from scratch, you might have more work than someone with an almost completed app. However, you must be prepared to dedicate at least a few hours per week in order to succeed.

What are the milestones and deliverables for the accelerator?

Milestones and deliverables will be communicated via email and on the online platform. The main deliverables are a functional predictive app using GE’s data, the link of the app on Predix, and a five-minute video to present your app.


Who are the mentors?

GE Digital will select a group of experts who will guide you on this journey. They will give webinars and will be available to answer any technical questions you might have.

How are the winners selected? 

The shortlisted contestants will present their project with their video and URL of their app. Each member of the jury will objectively judge every shortlisted project submitted, according to the judging and selection criteria defined below: 

     Quality of Design

Includes creativity and originality of the application idea, usability, design, and intuitiveness.

     Potential Value or Benefits

Includes the degree to which the solution provides scale and value — either economic or social — to a city or retail/commercial building.

     Use of Additional Predix Platform Services

Includes the extent to which additional (more than the three required services) Predix, Intelligent Cities, or Building Services were used AND/OR the extent to which live data was incorporated from a Predix machine-enabled device.

     Ease of implementation

Includes the extent to which the value provided to the end user is realistically achievable with existing technologies within the near term; not vague or overly complex to user, or reliant on a technology that is not yet on the market.

     Pitch of App

Includes the clarity and description of the problem addressed, how the app solves the problem, what technology is used, what Predix services are leveraged, what sensor and other data is used, and the connection the app makes to real-world problems.

How will I know who won?

There will be three winners. Judges’ decisions are final. The winners will be notified via email no later than May 18th, 2017.

What will be the next steps to get to "Minds and Machines" in Berlin?

The winning contestant, or its representative(s), must be able to travel and attend "Minds and Machines" - June 2017, in Berlin (the “Event”) - and to take part by showcasing their winning entry on GE stands.

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